Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sara and Andrew

From the minute I received the first email from Sara, I knew it was meant to be that we work together. I love the style of this wedding! Sara wanted deep jewel tones with eggplant and teal making a spotlight appearance. She's also a fragrance specialist, so I was sure to include some antique garden roses and Spanish lavender. There were also a few wild irises, fern shoots, peonies, poppy pods, billy balls, sea holly, coral bells, horse tail fern, sedum, peacock feathers and even some pops of purple kale. One of the direct quotes from Sara that I drew inspiration from was, "If people show up and see things looking too 'traditional,' they'll think they're at the wrong wedding." I love it! The wedding was at the McMinnamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Octagonal Barn in Hillsboro, Oregon. I always look forward to my McMinnamins weddings! Enjoy a few photos I snapped. More to come! Their photographer was amazing, and very quick to get me gorgeous photos. I just need to spend some time downloading them now so I can show you all. To be continued... ;)

Bridal bouquet with a glimpse at bridesmaid pretties.

Pretty bouquets all in a row!


Corsages ;)

Grooms boutonniere! Garlic top, fern shoot, sea holly, green blueberries and a peacock feather hiding in the background. Fit the tall, handsome groom well, if I do say so myself.

Boutonniere. Sedum leaf, fern shoot, sea holly, wrapped in purple kale.

Yet another boutonniere

All of the different boutonniere styles represented.

Pretty bridesmaid bouquets in the shop.

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