Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warm feet

At a certain point today the most important thing in the world became getting my feet warm! As I sit surrounded in Christmas intentions and lots of pretty greenery to fix for events, I'm thankful for an excuse to sit down and tackle my cyber life a little. Here are a few things I think my friends and supporters should know about:

12/8 Inaugural Buy Local Event
Pacific Crest Grand Ballroom

12/10 Holiday centerpiece ordering becomes available online for local delivery.

12/18 Ordering closes at 7pm.

12/20- 12/22 Local deliveries

1/8/11 NW Wedding Scoop
Grand Ballroom and Historic Grand Theater
Follow the NW Wedding Scoop link for ticket information.
Excellent ideas and valuable tips from the pros!

Thank you all who read and follow! I'm rather enjoying this warm feet thing, maybe I'll get more done. Pics posted, articles written... Possibly. :) Happy day to all!