Monday, February 27, 2012

More etsy

I'm either teaching my daughters to be good business women or crazy people.  Olivia, my very talented and beautiful step-daughter was with us for her mid-winter break this past week. I consider her a talented crafter, so I converted our dining room into a craft studio. Olivia helped me pump out some orders of fern shoots and create a few new designs. Sophia and Gianna were our models... Enjoy a few pics and check out our etsy site.

Olivia working on fern shoots with me. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, I make these little faux fiddleheads and sell them on etsy. They've been selling well with DIY brides and I've even just shipped a large order to a floral shop in Maine. Today I was alerted that the post was chosen in a treasury collection. Yay! I love treasury collections! Just had to share. Click on the pic to see the whole collection.

Oh, and... I make and ship custom boutonnieres too. Here's a link to an adorable pinterest board one of my bouts is featured in. One of the reasons I created the faux fiddleheads in the first place. These puppies had to travel to Mexico in the heat of the summer. Looks like they held up pretty good. Phew...