Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Street of Dreams centerpiece

I promised months ago that I would post pics of the Street of Dreams arrangements in the house. Here they finally are. I had the honor to design pieces for The Graduate, Renaissance Homes 2010 award winning home. The interior design was headed up by my college bestie, Darby Sargent. Thank you Darb for the awesome opportunity! The Graduate won best of show, best interior design, best kitchen, best curb appeal, best home furnishing and best landscaping. I'm not surprised in the least. Congrats Darby and Renaissance Homes! Thanks again!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Etsy launch

I've been wanting for years to make fun wedding accessories. These are my first 'products' to ever launch. So far I have examples of 3 different looks of pillows and wands and a few ideas for non perishable boutonnieres. Everything is 'upcycled' from fabrics/ beads/ buttons I've picked up along the way. Right now I'm working with fabric left over from making things for my shop, fabric I bought at a flea market in Paris years ago, vintage fabric I bought in abundance at a garage sale and lots of fun vintage costume accessories and buttons. From the different materials, I've hand made all of the flowers and 'poofs.' Obviously each of these looks would suit only one in a million couples. If you see anything and would like it recreated in your fabric/colors, or would like me to design something just for you, drop me a line. I'm happy to take custom orders. Also check out my etsy site for full descriptions on each item.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I made very few wreaths this year. The top wreath pictured was actually just a freshen up job on a cherry wood wreath I made last year. I gave it a day at the spa with an all natural, herbal based insecticide/ fungicide and made a fresh bough of fir, cedar, heavily berried juniper, pine cones and of course a new bow. The bottom photo is of a wreath I ended up loving so much that it still decorates my front entry. Everything on it is from our property. Fir, cedar, blue spruce, and the branches are actually Japanese Maple. I know most would cringe at cutting Japanese Maple, but mine needs a serious haircut, so it's okay. ;) Of course I decorated it a bit more before hanging it, but I liked it just like this too. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jessica and Jeff

This was one of my favorite weddings of 2010! I can't say enough great things about working with Jessica. First of all, she's one of the most creative and detail oriented people I've ever met. The wedding was featured in a brilliant blog post by Bridalhood, a must read. I'll let them cover all the fantastic details for you. Jessica and Jeff's flowers were a combination of dahlias, anemonies, seed pods, mini persimmons, eucalyptus and lots and lots of baby's breath. Jessica told me her overall style and vision and some flower ideas, and from there gave me freedom to create. I drew inspiration from thier incredible venue, her gorgeous dress and all the details that Jessica shared with me along the way. She had been collecting aqua glass for centerpiece flowers and candles, so I set up shop the morning of the wedding right outside of the Octagonal barn and went to work designing the reception tables. I can't think of a better way to spend a gorgeous early fall day. The moment I saw Jessica in her dress I had goosebumps. There's something really special about her. She's so genuine and caring, and her character really shone through on her wedding day. I could tell she was happy and most importantly, about to marry the love of her life. Thank you Jessica and Jeff for trusting your flowers to me!

Through this wedding I found one of my favorite photographers of all time. Scott McNamara is a photographic genius. I really hope to work with him over and over again in the future. The best way to explain the magic of the day is to watch this...

Jessica + Jeff from Scott McNamara on Vimeo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Succulent Bouquet

This is a living succulent bouquet that I worked up for a bridal show at the Pacific Crest Grand Ballroom. The great thing about succulents is that they can easily be replanted. With a little love, proper lighting and good soil, they'll thrive again in no time. For this particular bouquet I gave it a collar of dusty miller, which helped the heavier succulents stay put.

Wellspring- Breast Cancer Awareness

I'm so impressed with the Wellspring Medical Center. They do an annual Breast Cancer Awareness event, and I was honored to be asked to participate. The idea behind the centerpieces was to have each arrangement represent the individuality of women and then the stage pieces beautifully incorporate all of the flowers. Each piece was simple and elegant. Attending the event was eye opening for me. Apparently Oregon is #2 in the nation for breast cancer occurances, right behind Washington. The most important info that I gleaned from their panel of medical experts is this; exercise, eat healthy, don't smoke and make sure to stay current on exams!

Portland Bridal Show

Since I'm talking about the Portland Catering Company, here are a few shots of arrangements I made for their booth at this past Portland Bridal Show. They catered the VIP booth and offered me the awesome opportunity to represent with some fluers. :) Notice the culinary shout out with blooming rosemary and fig leaves.

I love the Portland Catering Company!

I am honored to work with the Portland Catering Company. Their food is amazing, and thier people are so fun to work with. They definitely get a five star rating from me. ;) Here are a few pics of living succulent centerpieces I did for thier last tasting. If you're in the market for a good caterer, contact Katie and get in on one of these fabulous tastings. Yum!