Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warm feet

At a certain point today the most important thing in the world became getting my feet warm! As I sit surrounded in Christmas intentions and lots of pretty greenery to fix for events, I'm thankful for an excuse to sit down and tackle my cyber life a little. Here are a few things I think my friends and supporters should know about:

12/8 Inaugural Buy Local Event
Pacific Crest Grand Ballroom

12/10 Holiday centerpiece ordering becomes available online for local delivery.

12/18 Ordering closes at 7pm.

12/20- 12/22 Local deliveries

1/8/11 NW Wedding Scoop
Grand Ballroom and Historic Grand Theater
Follow the NW Wedding Scoop link for ticket information.
Excellent ideas and valuable tips from the pros!

Thank you all who read and follow! I'm rather enjoying this warm feet thing, maybe I'll get more done. Pics posted, articles written... Possibly. :) Happy day to all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Classic beauty

If you like roses, this is how I roll. The bridal bouquet was even more gorgeous in person, if I do say so myself. ;) Micaela, a very fabulous and beautiful bride, wanted a bridal bouquet of red roses and for it to have some dimension. She wanted her wedding to look like it could be in the 1920's or modern day. These locally grown roses came together beautifully. The bridesmaids wore red dresses and carried white rose bouquets. I've finally figured out which white roses to use, and I will never ever go back. Again, locally grown, these have the size and 'stamina' I've been looking for in a local beauty for some time. I always have fun with different touches for boutonnieres and corsages. The boutonnieres are accented with lily grass and lambs ear.

P.S. This gorgeous bouquet is responsible for the demise of my computer and my consequent drop off the face of the earth for a time. Note to self; no more bouquets next to computers! Vase water doesn't seem to get along with keyboards. :/

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jennifer and Rob

Jennifer had a beautiful vision. She wanted white blooms with artistic greenery. I really enjoyed working with her. Rumor has it the wedding was gorgeous. ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emily and Tyler

This wedding was gorgeous! I didn't get many pictures because... well... I forgot how long it took to wire hundreds of orchids.


I think after this wedding season, purple is one of my new favorite colors. I also have a theory about people who love purple. It seems if you like purple, you love it. I've never run across a purple lover who wasn't warm and passionate about life, enthusiastic and loving. These corsages sport the purple dahlia 'dot com,' with purple garlic tops, lavender, white calla lilies and pittesporum.

Festa Italiana 2010

I love the Italian Festival! I'm so glad they like me too. ;) Here are a few pics of this years flowers. Salute!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Laura and Ryan

Laura and Ryan's colors were raspberry, light orange and citron green. We walked the dahlia fields together, and I went back once more to make sure the colors were perfect! The colors ended up coming together like a beautiful sunset. I had so much fun with this wedding. Laura mentioned a few times that she wanted something a little unexpected in the flowers. So throughout the collection you can find a few chestnut pods, onion tops, green blackberries, green holly berries, seed pods from andromeda and of course some fern shoots. Enjoy a few pictures!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Street of Dreams

Anyone in town must go see the 2010 Street of Dreams! The Renaissance home is amazing! I want to live there. :) For now I'll be happy that my flowers are displayed throughout. Here is a sneak peek at the dining room centerpiece. Today I'll snap a pic of it in the space.

Living bamboo

Here is a new version of the famous green bouquet with living bamboo. I love the splashes of purple and the gardenia. Anything with gardenia has my vote! This bouquet has three living stocks of bamboo tucked in. It also has green roses, freesia, and bells of Ireland.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Erin and Ben

Erin is one of my favorite brides of all time! Ben must be pretty cool too because he got to marry Erin. ;) I had custom pottery made by local potter Karl Knudson and planted succulents purchased from an Oregon farm for the centerpieces. It turned out gorgeous! The flowers were a loosely gathered combination of scabiosa, itea, lisianthus, fressia, larkspur and maidenhair fern, all purchased from local farms. The bouquets sported a few succulents and the boutonnieres were mostly non floral, using lots of different succulents. I can't wait to see the professional photos of this wedding! Here are a few I snapped... Enjoy!

4th of July flowers

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Somewhere inside me is a rodeo queen trying to get out. Someday I'll show you pics of my Granny and Mom as rodeo royalty. I think they're holding flowers, so it could be somewhat relative. :) I had a fabulous wedding (blog up next) on Independence Day this year, so I did red white and blue quite early. I need my 4th fix, and of course I had to do that with flowers. And yes, I am catching up on my blogging. Please forgive my long periods of silence followed by a bombardment of blogs.

Heidi and Jake

The one thing that I kept hearing from Heidi was that she wanted something that wasn't 'your average bridal bouquet.' She knew what flowers she wanted, and she didn't want to be typical. She loved asiatic lilies, calla lilies, orchids and stephanotis, so we worked with those. I called her from the flower market to get the go ahead on a giant purple alium and scabiosa. It all came together very beautifully. Congrats Heidi and Jake!