Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smelling the roses!

I've recently been named 'caretaker' of a rose garden with well over 500 rose bushes. I lose track every time I try to count, so I gave up and resorted to estimating. Its a beautiful English style rose garden and is literally just minutes from our little farm. I stumbled upon it over 5 years ago when I was preparing for my own wedding. Since I was marrying a man with the last name Rose, my flower decision was easy. I just wanted beautiful, fragrant, garden roses. I worked up the courage to stop by and ask the owners of the garden if I could buy some roses for my bouquet. They happily let me, and a love affair with antique roses was born. I've popped in a few times a year since for a bucket of roses here and there and nurtured a budding friendship with the owners. A few years ago the husband passed away, and his aging wife has since been trying to keep up with the garden herself. This season when I popped by for a visit, she expressed her need for help, and told me that if I wanted to take over caring for the roses, they were mine. What's a girl to do in this situation? You guessed it, prune about 20 rose bushes a day. ;) Here are just a few shots of some pretties I have the pleasure and the honor of caring for...

P.S. Confession time... Although I know how to prune with the best of 'em, I'm really no expert otherwise. Advice, tips, tricks up your sleeve? I dove in head first and now I'm making some wings. Any wisdom from readers would be very well received and incredibly helpful!

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