Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sarah and Alex

Check out this awesome wedding! Sarah and Alex are two of my favorite people ever, and this bouquet goes down in history as one of my favorites of all time! 

Such a unique and beautiful bouquet! Sarah gave me a list of really crazy things that she wanted in her bouquet. I knew it would be awesome, and it really did 'create' itself. I had every funky, non floral, produce type pretty in front of me and I just put to together by trial and error. What will hold up? What looks good together? Some of what you can see in this angle are prickly pear, jalapeno peppers, pine cones, scabiosa pods, succulents, dusty miller, alder cones, blue roses, chestnut pods and just the slightest touch of baby's breath.

Here you can see the millet and pittesporum. You can't see them from either of the above angles, but I also used brussel sprouts, which were really pretty when grouped together.

The gorgeous couple!

The wedding was at the beautiful Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon. Sarah and Alex rented pipe and drape and covered the walls of the banquet room with luxurious white linens. They also rented these amazing thrones, which served as a great place for photos all evening. I rented the topiaries from Garden World, which I would recommend to anyone. With a delivery fee, they dropped off and picked up the trees, saving my back! I simply fashioned some beautiful, flowy fabric around the buckets that the trees were planted in and finished it with some sheer brown ribbon that I simply tied and cut to flow.

I took lots of pictures of the beautiful bride!

Another use for the topiaries. Stunning, if I do say so myself.

Planted succulent pieces for the bar.

All the table centerpieces were living succulent plantings as well.

Thank you Sarah and Alex! I'll treasure your wedding, and both of you forever!

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