Saturday, June 25, 2011

My wedding!

Yesterday was my fifth wedding anniversary. First of all, I can't tell you how blessed I am to be married to such an amazing man. My mom always told me to make a list and check it twice. Well, I did, and he's it. :) Our wedding was so much fun. We had our ceremony in the Methodist Church in Canby, OR. We wanted to get married in a sanctuary, but also in our neck of the woods. So I set out to look for beautiful churches and this is what I found. We both fell in love with the huge stain glass windows, the amazing multi-dimensional ceiling, and the vintage pipe organ. Oh, it was so beautiful! Our reception was a few miles away at St. Josef's winery. Getting to have our reception at St. Josef's was a dream come true! I drove by it everyday and thought that there was no way it would be available or affordable. Well, it was both! Thanks entirely to my dad, whom just heard rumor of us wanting to have the reception at St. Josef's and offered before I even asked. Thank you mom and dad! Dream come true! I could go on and on about how beautiful our reception was. Here is a little peek at the book our photographers put together for us. Jaysun Speith from The Photographer's, is probably one of the most amazingly talented people I know. Thank you for visiting my blog. Follow the link below...

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