Monday, May 21, 2012

Jonathan and Chris

Jonathan and Chris were so wonderful to work with. When we sat down to talk flowers, they definitely knew how they wanted it to feel. Fun, romantic, whimsical and light hearted. They wanted lilies and daisies and I was instantly excited. Lilies are super classic, romantic and timeless and daisies are fun, light hearted and also classic in their own way. Jonathan and Chris were married at the McMinnamins Edgefield (definitely one of my fav venues) in a theater and held their reception in 'the Attic.' Gorgeous! Spacious, but intimate, and all the character you'd expect at McMinnamins. I'd like to consider myself McMinnamins unofficial, official florist. ;) Thank you Jonathan and Chris for choosing me to do your flowers! It was my honor to work with you both! Here are a few photos I snapped. I'll be excited to see the pro shots and pass them along as well. 


 'Alter' pieces. I had these old white wicker stands that I wanted to reincarnate. I gave them a blast of a copper/ bronze paint and followed it up with some quick shots of chocolate brown. Once that dried I dry brushed a little Tiffany blue here and there. I criss-cross tied some chocolate brown ribbon to add a little extra touch and called it art work. ;) I loved how they turned out. I felt like the flowers needed to be unique, fun and full of character. You can see how that vision turned out. Classic elegance meets an explosion of spring. 
 Boutonnieres... Calla lilies, hosta, lambs ear, wax flower and daisies, every which way.

 Bridesmaids bouquets... The idea here was to create a collection of bouquets that came together beautifully, but expressed individuality and showcased the chosen flowers uniquely. Daisies, lilies, tulips, in all different combinations. Each bouquet included something to tie it to the rest, and each fashioned a unique 'main' flower. 

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