Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beth and Gerson

Beth and I go WAY back to 1st grade at Gaffney Lane Elementary. Throughout the years of school I always had changing groups of friends, but when I think back, there wasn't a time when Beth and I weren't tight. This floral gig was more than two decades in the making. ;) I'm going to post lots of photos, because this time I took them. Yep, I was honored to be the photographer too.

 Beth, one of my girl-hood besties and lifelong soul sister.

 Gerson, Beth's true love. An amazing man!

 This is just a glimpse into the garden they were married above. Beth's grandparent's have cultivated this place for decades. Her grandmother is a master gardener and a true inspiration to me.

 Aren't they a gorgeous couple!?

I think I was distracting Emma a bit. ;) She was continuing to sprinkle petals, fulfilling her flower girl duties of course. 

They were married under an amazing Mimosa tree. The blooms were fragrant and beautiful. 
 A true garden bouquet. I spent hours in Beth's grandma's garden the day before the wedding harvesting flowers. With the exception of a few sunflowers and white stargazers (from my own garden) everything came from their family's garden.

 Beautiful family!

 Emma, Beth's beautiful little 'mini-me.'
Since this is a flower blog, here's a close up. ;)
 Could the bouquet and the cupcakes have looked more perfect together?

 Cheers! This is just after Beth's grandparents gave beautiful speeches. 

 I can't help it, another shot.

 Sunflower seeds as favors. This is so Beth!

 This is Alethia, Beth's amazing grandmother. I want to be like her someday.

 Chance, handsome little gent. 
Beautiful mother of the bride. I love Mary! 
 Such a gorgeous setting. 

 Dancing under the gazebo.

 Thank you Beth and Gerson. I wish you two a blessed life together!


  1. You are amazing! Thank you for making our day so beautiful! I love you!