Thursday, January 7, 2010

What does 'bohemian' mean?

What exactly is 'bohemian?' We get that a lot. The definition has changed some over the years. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the Bohemian movement loosely meant; anywhere one could live or work cheaply, and behave unconventionally. It brought together a community of free spirits beyond the pale of respectable society. An example of an area that was associated with bohemianism in the States was the infamous Greenwich Village of the 60's in New York City. After doing a bit more research on the movement and times, I now understand why my grandmother tilted her head and lifted her eyebrow when I told her our business name. More recently, the term bohemian is associated with style, in contrast to it's origin, reflecting lifestyle. Inspired by the movement, the style is artistic and unconventional. So unconventional that we find many different interpretations in the art of floral design can fit beautifully under the term 'bohemian.' Last year I was very excited to run across the (relatively) new Boho mag. This publication is redefining the modern bohemian culture, and we embrace their direction. Eco conscious and stylish too, I've fallen for this fun and informative mag!

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